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CEO ~ Leo Fernández

ABOUT Komcret

MICROCEMENTS Komcret ® is the result of years dedicated to the research, manufacture and application of Microcemento.

We have extensive experience in the area of ​​cementitious coatings of minimal thickness. All our professionals accredit years of experience in the application of Microcemento, constituting this one of the most remarkable comparative advantages, since the craftsmanship of our applicators is only achieved through years of dedication.

Each of the members of our team feels their work with a level of commitment and joy that will make us quickly differentiate by our style and professionalism.

Our material, entirely conceived and manufactured in Spain with the support and support of firms that are at the forefront of global innovation in the research and development of raw materials for construction, is the result of years of research and dedication to achievement of finishes that are the hallmark of our Microcreento Komcret ® and that mark a remarkable difference aesthetic and of benefits with other similar materials.

Microcemento Komcret ® is undoubtedly called to be the Microcemento that the market will make its own thanks to its high qualities, its natural and solid appearance, its incomparable aesthetics, its components of last generation, and its wide range of colors, the most extensive in the market.

For all this, and because we know our market, we invite you to live the difference.

Call us, internalize and make sure the final quality of your work.



Calle Carril, 37, 29650 Mijas, Málaga


952 006 042



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